Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Time and My Relational Landscape

Time is fickle.  The same span of days can fly by in one regard and drag along in another.  It seems like forever since I saw my friend Robin about half way through the spring semester.  The very same span of time feels like days rather than months.

The first four months of 2015 have been dense with normal exceptions.  I don't have life altering events or easily specified milestones to dictate.  I've been privileged to witness moments when tenderness and tears are shared as life's happenings are sorted through or a new reality of self is discovered.  I've shared lunchtime discussions where I'm challenged by those whose commitment to a life of godliness puts me to shame.  I get to hear the Word preached three times a week during Chapel talks that range from very good to redemptive edification that isn't soon forgotten.  I hear hundreds of students sing with such beauty and fervor that singing along is often difficult due to the sizable lump in my throat.  I have daily snapshots of hilarity with the very funny Chapel Staff.

A healthy perspective provides clarity for the changes ahead.  I have a lot of excitement for slow summer days filled with family shenanigans.  I'm excited to sleep in, run when I like, and cook recipes that take time to prepare regardless of how well they do or do not freeze.  When Fall 2015 begins I look forward to cultivating existing relationships and watching for the start of new ones. All that healthy perspective does little for the tears barely held at bay as I stand at my desk.  I'm usually quite happy in my slippered feet as my people flit in and out of my office.  For months Chaplain Lowe and I have skirted the issue that is Graduation Day until it is now staring us in the face.  When discussing the impending day of Senior bliss Grant said "It's really close.  Like hard to casually push aside close."

So, I'm soaking.  I'm grabbing the time with students that I can in between their papers and tests.  I'm cherishing the memories of watching them pop into my doorway or sitting on our office couch chatting away about nothing and everything.  I'm rejoicing in the great delight that many are coming back next year or staying in the area.  Mostly, I'm counting my blessings.  If I weren't so blessed by the relationships I've made then the change in my relational landscape wouldn't be so difficult.

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